under pressure

I knew the photoshoot for my website was causing me stress and I was pleased I´d identified that but still today I knew that tomorrow was going to be a day of horrid amounts of stress trying to make every cupcake utterly perfect. I planned how I wanted each type of cupcake to look to try and ease the pressure….then went off cycling to try and enjoy autumn, not entirely in a kitchen! Then came home and slow roasted pork….I´d forgotten how slow slow roasted is so had to go back out to the shops to buy some food for tonight while my very slow roasted pork slow roasted…..

I love chickens

Some of the happiest memories I have as a child are when we had chickens. We used to have them every few years in our garden and they were tame and lovely. We´d get them when they were chicks and keep them in the broom cupboard with a special light ’til they got big and strong and then they´d run around the garden. We´d have to clean the hen house out at the weekends which wasn´t the best part of the memory but we´d have fresh eggs every day and beautiful hens running round the garden who we could pick up cos they had always known us. So now when   I’m baking I just couldn´t even consider using unfree range eggs. I like to know that the chickens are running wild as I like to.

the smiling cookie….

….yes above you on my blogging page is a cookie smiling down on all my words! (sorry but it made me laugh anyway)….it is one of my ginger and dark chocolate cookies that I made the other day….sticky and crunchy all in one. The trouble is that when I went into the kitchen the next day there they were sitting looking at me and I just HAD to have another…straight away. So good with a cup of coffee… whereas I find my cupcakes best with a cup of tea. Personal choice I know, maybe a little of my Birtish upbringing coming through there.

This week I´m going to make stem ginger. Don´t see why not, then I can get my dark chocolate and ginger biscuits much more gingery and sticky and make them into Dark Choc and Ginger Winter Heavenlys …..does that name work?! I like it.

cakes cakes and cupcakes!!

I think I can safely say I am addicted to cooking. And at the moment I am addicted to Cupcakes. Head over heels addicted. Which isn´t a bad things for people in Copenhagen. Yesterday I decided was the day to bake the perfect ginger cupcake….so armed with lots and lots of fresh ginger I set about to create it. Some Havana dark rum was involved (she smiles) … nutmeg and other such fine delights. I´d decided it was the season for ginger, it´s getting cold here, very cold. I finally had to cave into winter clothes…I´d been trying to cling on to the end of summer with flimsy shoes…but no longer. Summer very much over, winter boots required. And ginger cakes. In fact we´ll call them Jamaican Ginger Cupcakes….cos then we can close our eyes and imagine we´re on a beach in the Carribean eating our Ginger Cupcake. Nice!


I wake up and think…..hmmmm, what will I be cooking today…..? Today is definitely COOKIE day…in fact I´ll make this one in honour of a certain Neil Cook or Cookie as he is fondly known to us. He very very kindly brought me a lot of goodies that I was unable to buy here due to cupcakes not really being in Copenhagen yet. When I needed the right size cake boxes and my special beautiful edible decorations and my extra special I love them nearly more than I love my mother (ok so maybe not quite that much but you get the jist) silver cupcake cases, he lugged them all over in a huge big I´m-touring-round-the-world-for-a-year-size rucksack. It was that heavy that I could hardly cycle with it. And he acted like he´d done nothing too so huge thanks to Cookie (and the apt name for the job too….funny) for that. The cookies I make today are in your honour.

So I reckon some white chocolate ones, some dark chocolate and hazlenut ones, maybe some dark chocolate and date ones…..hmmmmm. time to get ready and get to the kitchen!

I´m in pumpkin heaven!

Well the last couple of days I´ve been like a very excited schoolgirl….I´ve been carving up the huge beasts and making up all sorts of delicious things….spicy pumpkin soup with roast chillis which would warm the coldest heart on these beautiful crisp autumn days in Copenhagen. It´s the smoothest, most beautiful soup I have seen and tastes just …well just really really yummy! Reports back from the people who bought it were excellent. Word spread and more and more sold. That´s what we like.

Then I moved onto making pumpkin puree, in preparation to make my spicy (in a different kinda way) cupcakes. This time nutmeg, cloves, ginger and cinnamon were the spices of choice and the result, a very wholesome, beautifully coloured moist little cake….devoured (very happily) by among others, a well known actress in Denmark, who I do believe shut her eyes in happiness while she ate it! Oh if only it was pumpkin time all year!