my cupcake world……

The Victoria´s Cooking website is practically ready to go…unfortunately my Danish is not quite ready to go…I was hoping when I moved to Denmark all the Danish that I can speak would suddenly and naturally progress into fluency…..I was wrong. (I AM going to be taking lessons very soon). So my lovely cousin Ulrika has translated my English text into Danish and once this has been confirmed as good to go, then the website can go big, wide, large and…she says stopping typing and waving her hands around in front of her…go out there into space.

What I noticed today on my current page that it says if you´d like to know more then to look on here. Hmmmmm….not entirely true….. so I shall rectify this and try and give a little insight into the new world of Victoria´s Cooking.

I´m in the middle of setting my own company up…I´ve always thought I´d do it, but have been preoccupied with other less/more/equally important things….like snowboarding/working for others/partying/sleeping/travelling…….

The last couple of years however have been unsatisfying…not entirely (there have been portions of brilliance) but as a whole something was missing. Then this summer I had a big cancer scare (don´t worry, all completely fine now+check up fine too so all good)….now when you have 2 and a half weeks of waiting and not knowing but reeeally thinking you are about to find out some seriously shocking news, it kinda affects you……and that it did. So when I found out everything was fine, without me trying life became pretty %&#¤ing fabulous. It confirmed my already bright outlook on life and also left a whole load of stuff behind…waste of time bollox really. My friend, Jo and I saw, maybe clarity in 1993 on a beach in the Greek Islands and came up with the line, “It´s all a question of relativity and perspective” This has done us well over the years and once again kicked in this summer. My “blue period” was well and truely over and life was here to be got on with.

And so Victoria´s Cooking….I can cook, I´m not a trained chef but I can cook. People like my food, they want more, they leave very, very clean plates, it´s the only indicator I go on.

Copenhagen doesn´t have cupcakes….and if they do it´s only very sweet and not even that attractive cupcakes. “Possibly out of a packet” I´ve heard….need I say more? I´m here to bring them cupcakes…and proper quality cupcakes. I mean if you´re going to eat calories you may as well get a full on taste sensation. Life´s too short. 

The cupcakes I make are made from free range eggs and proper danish butter. I try and encorporate either fruit or vegetables in them (in fact maybe they could even be counted in your 5 a day….ooh note to self…must find out if 5 a day exists in Denmark!) mainly because they make them moister and who doesn´t like a moist cake? My gorgeous friend Trine has told me, when she tried to do the translation that “moist” into Danish just doesn´t work….(you see, if I had never lived here I wouldn´t have known the complexities of translating English to Danish, basically not as easy as you´d think)

They´re yummy, they´re beautiful, I can make them crazy if you like….at the moment I´m making them all natural ingredients and natural colours. I however can, as you who know me, go wild…..and that´s the same in my cooking…if you want crazy loopy cupcakes with blue, green, purple and orange stripes…I´m your girl….and I´d love it….I´ve got shimmer, I´ve got stars….but only if you say…otherwise they is going be just au natural!  

So I do my day job, running the kitchen of a very cool café/restaurant of the beautiful old art gallery Charlottenborg, Nyhavn (where all the pretty coloured houses line the harbour) and I do this in my “spare” time…..for now……..

I cupcake, you cupcake, we all cupcake together….

A cupcake to me is a mini “big” cake which is beautifully decorated with an equally-tasty-and-equally-important-to-the-cupcake-as-a-whole-topping that perfectly compliments the cake below it. It´s so you don´t ALL have to have the same cake to eat…in a way, you can have your cake and eat it. No compromise. It avoids any disagreements, no “her piece is bigger than mine”, no “but he gets all the icing”, no “but I didn´t want lemon cake, I wanted chocolate”…. just a calm – it´s what I wanted and now it´s all mine to eat. Some may consider this an egotistical move, and maybe that is exactly where our western society has led us but I like to think of it as having your cake to eat, in a whole perfect portion, a complete portion, a complete cake……………………..a cupcake in fact.

roast chicken and all the trimmings….

One good thing about the approach to winter is that with the wet windy cold days comes that cosy warm feeling when you get home…and what better a time for a roast chicken? The oven is heating, the potatoes peeled and par boiling….yes I´m pleased I live in a land of seasons, a place of weather change and even if the benefits of wet weather are those after the event then so be it. No chance of me going out tonight! Bon ap.

an unexpected gift…

A certain lovely lady who works where I work had said since Friday that she had something for me…I had given her a copy of the text I was wanting to put on my website so I presumed that she was just going to give me that back with some comments…we’d been busy during the day so it wasn´t until this evening that she popped into the kitchen and hung a bag over the door and told me that she was in a rush but this was for me….and off she went….

I sat down and opened the bag…in it was a beautiful calender with photographs of treehouses from around the world….now this certain lovely lady had remembered that my dream is to have a treehouse, a proper one to sleep in with a roof that can be pulled back so I can see the stars… well as this was the text I´d given her with comments. Tears came to my eyes and I couldn´t see to text her thank you. She rang me soon after and said that this was so I would remember my dream while I was busy building my company up. A truly lovely gift. A very thoughtful lady.  A very special moment.

up and running….

Now that my facebook page is launched, my web site is just soo nearly ready to go, I´m picking up the business cards and stickers for the cupcakes tomorrow, things are feeling real and I´m ready….

I´ve finishing off all the cupcakes for a special birthday this week….a company in town…I´ve made a big batch of Caramel and Walnut cupcakes along with my Chocolate and Beetroot Cupcakes and my Very Lemon Butterfly Cupcakes as requested…should be a good party.

didn´t quite mean to do that…..

I´d been working all day at the gallery….Charlottenborg Art gallery, a beautiful old art gallery right in the centre by Nyhavn, the pretty harbour with the coloured buildings that the tourists (and I, may I add) love….I´d got home and was busy getting all the business side of things with Victoria´s Cooking..working out costs, cutting down the menu, deciding who to approach… sorting out the “facebook page”….you HAVE to do it everyone told me…so I was …but in secret, unpublished, PERFECT ….as was I suddenly “blogging”….but in secret, unpublished, PERFECT… with the facebook page…I decided it was time to just invite a few friends….like close friends…who could have a look, tell me what was rubbish…or hopefully some of it was good….but I just couldn´t work out how to invite just a few people…at one point I thought I´d managed to and had selected that nice secure unit of people who you know are going to help and support and whatever they say would only be to help……but then that wasn´t it….and it was all beginning to be pretty annoying… had taken time….and so a couple of glasses of red had easily slipped down and I was getting frustrated and wanted things to just work….so I decided (shaking head with raised eyebrows and looking down) that if I pressed “publish page” it would give me the option of who I was going to publish it to…….yea I know(now)….so I pressed it……”You have successfully published your page” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

after about 10 minutes of expletives and waving arms I decided bugger it….it´s about time, be brave and get on with it. So that is how I started to actually get on with spreading the word instead of keeping it all to myself…which when building a business, is pretty bloody pointless!

photo session…..

Well I´d made all the cupcakes so the pressure was slightly off but we still had to get them photographed and me being me I wasn´t going to be chilled till they´d been taken and they looked good…..but very soon into the morning, Christian had taken some corkers and I was smiling bright and everything was feeling really real. Like REEEEALLy real…I mean my cakes all done and photographs all permanent. By the end of the long day getting all the right shots of everything plus shots on white for my graphic designer, Antonia Lee Bapty of Tinksvision….I was a happy girl with a squeel in her tummy….in fact probably stupidly, one of the proudest days of my life.

pressure day

I tried to enjoy it and I kinda did but my word am I pleased that´s over. Making all my cupcakes picture perfect for the website photoshoot tomorrow. Í have no idea why but I also decided to experiment during the day (I was easily distracted at school and nothing´s changed since is the reason!)…anyway it was wicked because I managed to make my roses pink using raspberries so I am super happy with that cos that means they are in the Natural Range and can be organic too. happy days. I want to get everything organic and pure and eventually even work out how to get crazy colours using organic methods. I know the pressures I´m under are purely the pressures I´m putting on myself… to make everything I cook beautiful, super tasty plus being organic and funky and original so sometimes I have to step back and say … step by step young lady…anyway today is over, cupcakes, cookies, flapjacks all done. White wine, slow roasted pork crisping away and now I´m going to go and have a laugh with my flatmate. Tomorrow….photoshoot day with mscb and Christian Bang……I thought I had a good name….!!