Busy Baking

Well I have been having a mighty busy time. I’ve been baking, delivering, approaching and ‘working out’ constantly. I have been delivering to my regulars, Café Holberg and Nosewise…then approaching new places. Then as people gradually taste my cupcakes they are then approaching me directly to order large quantities for work related functions…one which I’m waiting to hear back from is for me to represent a company in the Bella Centre to say “look what organic produce can result in…delicious funky sexy cupcakes…”…I’m still waiting to hear back but if I do I will be baking 1600 of my reception sized cupcakes for next weekend. Me? Holding my breath? Yes!

Another company has enquired whether I can make cupcakes for their careers event?…of course I can, how many?!…a sure way to lure any student!

I also had a very fruitful meeting with Nicolai at Soupantural. I brought along 4 different kinds of my cupcakes…He started with the Chocolate and Beetroot….as he worked his way down the line taking a mouthful of each he kept saying, “I thought that was my favourite, but no I think this is…mmmm….” and then onto the next and the same comment. I do believe my Spiced Apple with Cinnamon Icing and a pocketful of Apple Purée was his final favourite but it also could have been the Carrot Cupcake with the Traditional Lemon Icing…either way he loved them and asked me how quickly I could deliver to each of his 3 shops. I think we can say about this meeting “everyone’s a winner”

I am delivering on my 400 year old Raleigh bicycle…it has no gears and permanently feels like it is in 7th gear…people regularly overtake me while peddling far less…someone even commented that they think my bicyle is the oldest one they’ve seen in Copenhagen…for those of you IN Copenhagen you’ll now understand the state of my bike!

On Wednesday I have a “meeting” arranged at my apartment….steak and red wine followed by cupcakes and an evening of the design of my “Cupcake Mobile”….a 3 wheeled motorbike and some welding is what I have in mind…the outcome with someone who knows much more than I do will be revealed at a later date….

So in between all this I’ve been contacting various organic suppliers, speaking to box manufacturers, locating my ideal cupcake case, (no no no they’re not all the same…!) creating new recipes for my Gluten Free Range and annoying my website designer at Tinkvision with alterations……as you can imagine…life for me outside Cupcake World has been put on Pause……

Come try my cupcakes in Copenhagen…

For those of you lucky enough to be in Copenhagen, the time is here for you to visit Café Holberg, 19 Holbergsgade or Nosewise, Vestmannagade 4, Islands Brugge. Not only because they are fantastic café/winebars but I am now regularly supplying them with a variety of my Cupcakes. So please go and try them and then let me know what you think. I’m excited to hear your comments. Enjoy!

Cupcakes…ready to go….

The moment I have been waiting for many months has arrived. I am back home in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I feel I now belong. My Victoria’ s Cooking website is ready to go live, my recipes are tasting as I want them, with people devouring them in front of me nodding and saying such things as “ees a goooo” roughly translated as “these are gooood” but with a big bite of cupcake still in mouth or “mmmm lækker mad” words I love to hear. 

I am also very excited that I now have a start date for my danish lessons. It’s going to be hard I know but I can’t wait to “snakker på dansk”. My mother will be proud when I’m finally able to talk to her in Danish, and maybe my cousin, Jan will get off my back too! Having spent the last year and a half in Denmark, many many things that I just thought growing up with my mother were “my mother” were actually because my mother is danish. It has made me understand her so so much more. I love that. I didn’t expect it but that’s life’s beauty. You can’t expect the best bits, they just unfold.

So I reveal to you…Victoria’s Cooking…and Victoria’s CUPCAKES right now. I don’t have my own shop in Copenhagen but I’ll be baking for a cafe, office, wedding, confirmation, party or opening near you. I shall bake, I shall deliver, I shall make people smile. and I shall obviously have to be tasting my cupcakes along the way to ensure the very high standards I demand (she says clapping her hands together in delight….yum) 

If there’s somewhere you would like to be able to find my cupcakes then please let me know. Send me an email to victoria@victoriascooking.com It will be a pleasure to hear from you.