Cooking in Copenhagen for my friend

I’m in Copenhagen, Demark just now. Staying with my lovely friend Tanja. Tonight I cooked for her. Here’s how it went….

I wandered into a lovely danish supermarket, not too big with lots of good fresh food, a lady was giving out olives to taste. The purple ones were delicious so I bought some.

Then I picked up a few other things that seemed tasty including some kokos flødeboller. (coconut dusted snowballs) because you can’t really get much more danish.

1. tagliatelle

2. mackerel

3. tomatoes

4. spring onions

5. creme fraiche and turmeric

6. olives

7. spinach

I cooked the pasta

Same time heated the whole tomatoes in some olive oil in a shallow pan for a few minutes, turned it off. Then added the cut up spring onions and cut up the tomatoes.

When the pasta was ready I added that, put the broken up mackerel in with some creme fraiche & turmeric, a big splash of water from cooking the pasta, olives and black pepper.

Wilted some spinach into the dish on the plate.

Super quick, fresh and absolutely yum.

Seasonal cooking…

Things have changed quite a bit since I last wrote. I now live on 142 acres of land in the middle of nowhere in Missouri. We have a huge vegetable garden, raise chickens, ducks and guinea fowl, have fresh eggs daily, we have three aviaries of bees, we grow shiitake mushrooms and hunt deer, turkeys and rabbits. We’re trying to live off the land as much as possible, eat seasonally and I’m learning ways to store what we don’t eat for the other months. I’m learning pickling recipes, canning methods (which should really be called jar-ing as it is storing food in glass jars) and we have tried and failed a couple of meat proscuitto attempts. We make home made ice-cream, we often collect our milk from the Amish that live nearby, we have a juicer which is tonnes of fun and we never buy products with high corn fructose syrup in….which over here seems to be everything.

Eating has never been better.