The Best Ice Cream in the World

For some reason I thought that Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream wouldn’t have the extra rubbish that all the other food products in America have. I thought, made in Vermont, surely they won’t add corn syrup to all that yummy milk and cream they have up there…..I was wrong. You want to eat well and not puff up like a marshmallow over here, you gotta make it yourself. From scratch. End of Story.

So that’s what I did ….. with ice-cream too.

My lovely American relative, Betty (from my Scottish side) bought us an ice cream maker for our wedding. I love it.

So far we have 3 favourites:

  • Butter Pecan
  • Coffee
  • and my rebel one….Smores which is bum-smackingly naughty.

I make the best ice-cream in the world. It’s official. Following are the recipes for our favourites.







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